God heals and sets free!

In News, Village Ministry by Howard Fox

Here is one testimony from my third expedition during my AMT course. On the Monday of our trip, it very windy and we saw a bush fire off in the distance and a smaller bush fire close to the road. The path to our first hut had recently been burnt and some areas were still burning. As we then began to introduce ourselves to the family there was a loud crackling, and the fire was approaching their home at a rapid pace. I became a Zambian firefighter that day!

We broke green limbs off a tree and began to out the fire. I realized the family could loose all of their harvest and all of their seed for the next year. We were able to deter the fire away from their home but it still engulfed and burned all the grass around the property. The grandmother was so thankful that we had come to her house and protect her huts and crops, she wanted the entire family to listen to us. I believe they listened to us more intently because they saw by our actions we truly wanted to help them!

After ministering the Word, we asked if anyone needed prayer, and the grandmother said that she had pain in her leg and lower back. As we began to pray for her, her granddaughter began to beat her chest, and throw herself on the ground. At first we thought she was having a medical emergency, but soon realized that she was demon-possessed and was reacting to our prayers. We then began to take authority over the evil spirit and eventually were able to set the girl free. She accepted Jesus and we prayed that the Holy Spirit would fill her. After setting her free we explained to the family what happened to their daughter. They understood to stay free from evil spirits, their trust must be in Jesus and not the witchdoctor. We noticed one of her legs was shorter than the other, after prayer both legs were the same length! She then got up and danced without any pain!

Two days later, we passed by the family’s property and saw the girl who had been demon possessed. She was a completely different – I almost didn’t recognize her – she was smiling and full of joy. This was an awesome testimony that God still sets people free today!