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Partnership is extremely important in the ministry. I can not possibly do everything God has called me to by myself in my own strength, without the help of others. I need others to help “hold up” my hands in ministry. There are many people who would love to be able to preach the gospel in foreign nations. People who would love to make a real difference in the lives of others by giving them the gift of clean water. People that want to change the lives of those who haven’t been blessed with the same opportunities to education, healthcare, and stable governments as they have. But so many times, they don’t have the resources or time available to go themselves. However, there is hope! You CAN be a part of making that change – you can send your finances. Those who contribute financially are just as important as missionaries on the ground. The Lord has called me as a missionary to the nations and I am currently working in Zambia, Africa. I am in the Expeditions Department of Overland Missions. I am leading teams to preach the gospel in remote areas. I will also be working with the Water Projects Department providing clean water by fixing hand pumps in some of the most remote areas of Southern Zambia.

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    I send out monthly updates giving a synopsis of what has happened in the ministry that month.

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    Prayer Partner:

    Please be praying for me, my team and all of the staff of Overland Missions. I will send out prayer requests in each of my newsletters for needs and things to pray for.

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    Support Team:

    This is a critical step to our process that makes everything work so well. Partnering with me finacnially is a great way for you to be a part of something Big in the Mission Field.

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    Visit Us in Africa:

    You can come be a part of changing the nations by signing up for a short-term mission trip with Overland Missions! We have trips throughout the summer May-August in many locations, check out the Expedition trips.

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Thank You so much for being a part of reaching the people of Zambia and making an eternal difference on the Mission Field.

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