Rapid 14

In this section I will post information about the Rapid 14 base and keep you up to date on the technical work I am doing here.

This is the main logistical base within Zambia for Overland Missions. I will be living here while I am in Zambia. This is also where we prepare for our trips out into the villages. The base is where I will be staying when not traveling for ministry. It is located at Rapid 14 of the Zambezi River.

The main center has a full sized kitchen, eating area, common area, worship center and offices to service the 100+ missionaries. Not only do we minister together, we also eat and spend time developing strong bonds of friendship. Most of the missionaries that live in Zambia longer than four months out of the year have houses that have been built here at the base. The majority of Overland staff that come to the base live in large tents during their stay as they are typically out ministering in the bush for more than two weeks each month. I will be living in tents my entire stay in Zambia. When not out on trips, I will be working to improve the base and working on the vehicles in our repair shop. There are also workers from the near by village – Nsongwe – that typically work Monday through Friday. This is a great way to minister to the people without having to travel very far. There is typically a workers’ devotion each morning where we can teach basic biblical principles of the Word of God.

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