Well Repair

In this section I will be posting blogs about the repairs that are done and ministry that happens while on a trip.

Our team also repairs established wells that are not in working order. Many times wells that aren’t working simply have a mechanical problem with the hand pump. We repair the pump and bring clean water back to these villages. Repairing is typically a much faster process than drilling. In areas where wells are no longer producing water, the team will come to the village and assess the situation. We typically bring enough supplies to repair at least five wells per trip. At each site we will disassemble the pump and replace or repair the missing parts to ensure the hand pump will work. Once we have repaired the well and have water flowing, we usually have enough time in the day to visit another site or prepare for an evangelistic night meeting in the village.

  • Hand Pump Training
  • Sikalele Primary School
  • Bringing the Community Together