Sikalele Church Service

In News, Village Ministry by Howard Fox

On the Sunday of our third expedition we split our team into four groups and went to different churches. I found out while we were walking to church, our translator was the head pastor! Once we arrived at the church, Pastor Decision turned his Sunday morning service over to my team, we felt very honored that He would let us speak to his congregation. The other members of the team spoke during the Bible Study and I preached the main message, while Pastor Decision translated for us.

Even though we had not prepared our messages together, Holy Spirit orchestrated the bible study and main message to flow together as if we had prepared together. I spoke on our identity in Christ and that it wasn’t about the works that we do for God but our trust in what He did for us. The people were so eager to hear the Word of God and learn more about Christ. At the end of the service, the people came to the front for prayer and our team prayed with them. It didn’t matter that we spoke different languages, God still moved and touched the hearts of the people!